Anti-colic device Medirekt partner

A drug-free solution for bringing immediate relief to a tense belly. Recommended mainly for parents who want to immediate help their babies, without the use of unnecessary drops that never remain indifferent to the body of the child.

The Medi Partners Company is the exclusive representative of the Czech company Medirekt partner in Polandthat deals selling Anti-colic tubes. It has long been known in other European countries and widely used there. They are an indispensable means of not only the infantile colic but also wonderfully suited when a child has problems with flatuence or constipation. Thanks to its simplicity of use and effectiveness is recommended by pediatricians and midwives as the first way to deal with infantile colic.

How to use:

- rub the belly;
- grease the end of the tube with oil;
- slowly insert the tube into the anus of the child to a depth approx. 0,5 cm;
- it can be used several times a day.

Anti-colic tube Medirekt partner:

The tube is made of soft PVC and safely without causing irritation of the anus. On the one hand, rounded, on the other enhanced, which facilitates the release of gases from the gut unskilled infant and child brings immediate relief. We sell a tube of a different size, but for Infant is a standard diameter of 2.4 mm and a length of 120 in two versions:

1. basic version - tube has one outlet and one inlet. This model completely fulfills its function, when problems with outgassing child;
2. version lux - beyond inlet opening and an outlet pipe also has two lateral holes, which are effective with problems relating to defecation in the child.

Tubes Medirekt can be used whenever necessary, even several times a day. The detailed usage is on each package.

As a medical device, rectal tube is supervised by a notified body. It also involves obtaining certification of the marketing authorization and its safe use.