GAMA Aspirator for Children

A simple, safe and effective nasal congestion sucker, which can be used in all conditions, with its tip adapted to any noses.

Aspirator GAMA is an essential element of baby layettes help to prop open the upper respiratory tract in children. Very easy to use and maintain. The advantage offered aspirator is high efficiency and control suction force by an adult. Used during the cold will safely remove residual secretions in children, allowing you to breathe freely. No additional purchase replaceable filters, which directly translates to its low price.

How to use:

- Carefully put a tube with a rounded tip of the nose to the hole, you want to clear;
- insert the tip of the mouthpiece to his lips, lock the free nostril baby and suck the secretion.

The length of the tubes prevents the infection from the child. Typically, secretion is drawn in the tube due to its small amount relative to the length of the tube. Cleaning the aspirator is no problem - just wash it under running water with soap.

Ease of use makes it possible to apply it in the middle of the night (which can not be said about aspirators powered by vacuum cleaner) without removing the baby from the crib. Ideally suited for small lugs as well as in some older children, eg. In the course of allergic rhinitis.

Aspirator range can be used safely every time when it is needed, then just wash it well what is its advantage over other aspirators that require the use of each replacement filters.